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Ticket sales starts for European Championship wheelchair basketball women

The European Championship wheelchair basketball women will start on June 30 with the opening game Netherlands versus Spain. Reigning European champion The Netherlands will be fighting for title prolongation, while Team Orange’s biggest rivals Great Britain and Germany are lurking to take over the title. Every game counts! You can experience it yourself in this year’s ECWA edition at Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. From today the ticket sales starts!

In addition to the battle for the European title, the countries compete for a place in the top four, which means qualification for the Paralympic Games of 2020. That every games counts, also for places five and six, is an understatement. The number six of this event will in fact relegate directly to the B division. The match program has a peak for Orange on July 2 and 3 as the number two and three of the world are scheduled as opponents: Great Britain and Germany.

Tickets for all games can be found here, tickets vary from VIP tickets group tickets and junior tickets. The organization also offers combination tickets for the final weekend and pass partouts for the full week.

Europe is the strongest zone in the wheelchair basketball world and is therefore entitled to four spots during the upcoming Paralympics as a result of the good European performance during the last world championship in Hamburg (European top 3). For Germany, the program peak will be more at the end of the group phase schedule. The German women have won more European titles than Great Britain and the Netherlands combined and were untouchable until 2013. Place four seems to be a prey for France or Spain. Spain surprised friend and foe at the World Cup with for example a win against Australia. The French women have been the fourth European countrie that participated in the Paralympic games in the past Paralmypics, but now it seems that a change can occur. They will both have to take basketball-country Turkey as an obstacle, which may surprise others because the Turkish players also play among the men at the larger clubs in Turkey. Nevertheless, most people believe that Turkey is the least likely. For them, the games against France and Spain will have to make the difference to create a surprise.


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