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Experience basketball in a wheelchair!

Basketball Experience NL brings different worlds together

By having wheelchair basketball experienced at various levels, in different age categories, from company to group of friends, from event to course, the BEN Foundation has a positive influence on the image of disabled sports. With the wheelchair basketball players of Team NL as flagship we are active throughout the Netherlands and since 2015 we have had over 3.000 people experience wheelchair basketball. Results: smiling faces and inspired people. And BEN does more than that. We consciously offer all services and products for a relatively low price and ensure that the earnings go directly to society and sport. Why do we do that?


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Ticket sales starts for European Championship wheelchair basketball women

“Everywhere I come and have been with BEN I see the BEN-effect: fun and people with a smile. I think that’s cool!” – Bo Kramer

Support Basketball Experience NL and become our friend!

Each contribution is spent 100% on the sports wheelchair basketball. Donations can be done once or frequently from 5 euros per month.